About KiwiGrip

KiwiGrip is a revolutionary, safe, non-toxic, durable, non-skid deck treatment distributed world-wide by Pachena, LLC, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA.

KiwiGrip comes out of the can with a thick, yogurt-like, consistency — but spreads quickly and easily with our proprietary Loopy-goopy roller. KiwiGrip offers a beautiful, consistent, grippy surface.  By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from “fine” to “aggressive.” 

KiwiGrip was originally formulated and sold for over 15 years as No-Slip by Barry Whalley in New Zealand. Pachena founder Willy Stiggelbout discovered KiwiGrip when he had the leaky teak decks of his family sailboat Pazzo, an Oyster Lightwave 48, replaced in New Zealand in 2005.

Willy was very impressed at how easy KiwiGrip was to apply, and how easy on the eyes and bare feet it was when done.  That it’s water-based, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and easy to cleanup sealed the deal.  Willy bought the rights to import and distribute the product to North America and Europe, and began his side career as The KiwiGripper.

Now KiwiGrip can be found in the US, Canada, Europe and parts of Asia, and our network of dealers and distributors continues to grow every year.  Go to our Where to Buy page to find the dealer nearest to you, or submit a Dealer Request if you want to become a dealer or want to suggest to your local boatyard or marine supplier.


Pazzo Before and After KiwiGripping in New Zealand

Pazzo Before and After KiwiGripping in New Zealand


Why did we name our company Pachena, LLC?

We chose Pachena for our company name because we like the name, it has a Northwest flavor, and some local boats we admire have been named Pachena.

Pachena is an anglicized version of the Nitinaht Indian name for the site of Port Renfrew on Vancouver Isalnd, BC. By mistake, early Admiralty charts applied the name to a point further up the coast that had a nearly identical configuration to Port Renfrew, and there it stuck. A bay and a lighthouse there still bear the name.  In its original form, Pachena means either ‘sea foam’ or ‘foam on the rocks’.



Pazzo under sail after KiwiGripping